The basic herding instincts

There was lot’s to prepare with planning and advertising before the great day – SHEPHERD DOGS IN ACTION!

Despite a couple of advertising and talking around there was only one Belgium Shepherd dog that showed up. We take a bow for the tervueren Busy and her owner Kerstin. It was pure joy to watch them do an outstanding work and this herding will be remembered for a long time.

All dogs and their herds were amateurs but it was hard to notice for the public since they saw the instincts for herding wake up in the dogs.

The tervueren Busy showed the hole register for a Belgian Shepherd dog like lots of humour, joy and cleverness but most important of all the amazing herding instincts. It was easy to see that she was in her right element in life and understandable to know that this kind of dogs was used for herding in the old days. The best part is that their instincts are basic for these dogs and only have to be wakening. Often is it best to wake the instincts early if you have need for a herding dog.

Our great instructor Heléne, the owner to the nice sheep’s, worked through all the five dogs and everyone was given advice and instructions to make out the most of their dog. No dog works like the other one so it is important to make a specific profile for either dog. Some people were so thrilled that Heléne had to make them stop before the dog should be exhausted and do stupid mistakes. The day past along extra fast and everyone was very pleased and determined to continuing herding with their dogs.



Elin, Zimba and Mischa


Kerstin and Busy

Kerstin and Busy

Linda and Othello

Linda and Othello

Lotta, Anka and Bobitaz

Lotta and Chezzie


Per and Fajta

Herding without dog.

I vill take the opportunity to give a big hug and lot’s of thanks to all of you that made this a great day with your enthusiasm for herding. Special thank’s to Linda Nilsson for her help to organize this wonderful day when dreams came through.

Kerstin Johansson with Tervueren, Busy 4year.
Lotta Arne with Pumi, Chezzie 5 year, Anka 3 year och little Bobitaz 5 month.
Elin Hylander with Sheltie, Zimba 6 year och Mischa 3 year.
Per Bengtson with Kelpie, Fajta 5 year.
Linda Nilsson with Collie, Othello 8 month.
Heléne Holmgren with her Kelpie and the Gutesheep.