Then we have once again been given the chance to experience this amazing when our Belgians hidden instincts awake. A thousand, thousand big thank you to all who braved the harsh weather and came with your wonderful dogs.

Wish more of our Belgians enthusiasts at some point in life can experience this, for our Belgians still have incredible talent and the grass is so close to them. Then you suddenly see that the dog will behave from "Hey, can we play” to “I mean seriously, shut up you," then you know that the light has been lit and that´s an experience.

I really get to experience our Belgians great instincts as super koncentration, very signal sensitive, rapid reaction capability, as Shepherd breed on, appreciated and praised. We even got the chance to experience two Dutch Shepherd dogs electoral technology, and it was not unlike our Belgians. Thanks Mary!

Our stunning electoral instructor Helene had plenty of eager dogs and of people. As usual, she had an incredible calmness and patience with all of us amateurs. Helene had for the day, also using the very knowledgeable Therese who gave us good advice.

We started with the theory, the world's best tasting coffee and carrot cake as Helen had baked. With the help of toysheeps and a toydog Helené showed what we were going out and practicing and what would happen. She told me how widely different races are herding, bodyherding, eyeherding, the herding with barks, etc.

After we have chosen who should begin, the sheep was in a pen. Helené wanted to see how the dog, sheep and drivers worked together. When all had good advice what was right for his dog, the pen was removed and the exercises began with a long rope on the dog and loose sheeps. Dogs and drivers had to practice turning the sheep, the so-called fences herding. The dog drove the sheep in one direction and then went into a big bow, and turned out the sheep and herded them in the opposite direction. This was repeated several times. One of the sheeps tested sometimes a dog and stayed face to face and then you could see how strong the dog was.

We finished the day with hot dogs grilled over open fire, a lot of laughter and interesting discussions. We are very pleased that we could implement this and know that many of you will try to continue with the herding. Good luck and a big hug to all of you, who were all extremely talented:



Linda´s Laekenois Lakkebo´s Arraz  Azcot 4 month

Mary`s tre hundar Laekenois Vajerts Xena 7 year

Holländsk Herdehund Pokenas Sweet Solo Suprise 1,5 year

Holländsk Herdehund Roughrags Fillipa 6 year

Per´s Tervueren Red Attraction Beast 6 year

Susanne och Hans tre hundar Tervueren Laggartorps Fame Fatale Mira 2 year

Groenendael Laggartorps Dark Fighter 2 Year

Groenendael Oresprays E´Clipse 7 year